September 2006

                                               San Francisco Open-Review
                                                     Sept. 29, 30, Oct. 1

It's been many years, since the early 90's, when the last darts tournament was held in San Francisco. I dropped in to check it out and found that due to a great deal of work by the San Francisco Darts Asso.(SFDA), especially David A Hoag and John Bauvier ( Pres. of the  SFDA), the doors opened yet again for the Bay Area dart players,
AND anyone else who may choose to take on some of the 'toughest locals' in this highly talented area. Bob and Maggie Martell put their efforts into, among other things, running the tournament as well as encouraging new participants such as Chad Perdiguerra and Jerry Brannaman. (I mention this new talent because they will be a threat their competition if they continue to play the way they did this weekend making even the most seasoned player bear down to get to the next round. Along with local regulars Frank Hernandez, Chris Peake, and Sammy Cruz, to name a few, Southern California turned up in the form of the Kramers (Anne and John) and Jan and Doug Turner. It is definitely some of the best talent in the country and the SFDA is working on increasing the prize money for  next year and adding a few more tournaments to the No. Cal. area. If you are interested in the SFDA plans or have any suggestions for them, NOW is the time to get your input in to:
                           John Bauvier at

October 2006

                                               Colorado Open Review
                                                        Oct 6th -8th

     This year's Colorado Open hosted the ADO's National Qualifier to determine 1/2 of the 2007 World Cup Team. The World Cup Competition is scheduled to be held in The Hague, Netherlands Oct.10 through 13, 2007. Having not been present at the competition, I cannot state the details, BUT I can report the results........CONGRADULATIONS to Marilyn Popp of Conn, Jimmy Widmayer of New York, and Chris Linkous from Region 5-4.....I'm not sure where Chris lives. These 3 competitors will be joined by the top finishing woman and top two finishing eligible men according to ADO points at the end of this calendar year. Good Luck to Team USA next year!

                               2006 WINMAU WORLD MASTERS' WRAP UP
                                                   Oct 10th-15th

         Having just returned from the Masters' I will tell you what I can........remember, it is very difficult to watch matches, take notes, and keep track of all the competitors, so, I will tell you what I can and share the handful of photos I was able to take while competing.
CLICK HERE for full article and pitures

                                                 Allstate Open
                                                   Oct 20th-21st 
          Having just returned from another 30 plus hour marathon tournament in Jackson, I am exhausted! Anyone who want LOTS of darts must attend this tournament. There are more events held in 1 1/2 days here than anywhere else. And, amazingly, Ron Spangler , tournament director, along with his super staff, does an incredible job at keeping things running very close to on time!
          The first event, the Weakest Link (a Wade Wilcox creation...and a lot of fun!) kicks off the tournament at 6:00 PM on the Fri. afternoon.........and it just goes on and on and on from there. Fortunately, the Eagles lodge in which the tournament is held offer burgers, fries, chicken tenders, etc. so they player can grab a bite on site. From there we go to non-stop dart events as well as some live entertainment including, but not limited to singing courtesy of "THE GALS" featuring Kelly Gallagher of Chicago and Linda Anglin. Don't laugh...they're good!
          This tournament draws players from as far West as Vegas (ME!) to the far East-Pennsylvania (Darin Young), and even up into Canada. Canadian attendance included Trish Gzrezik, Jay Barlow, and Paul Addison. Even Pete C. (Windy City Darters President) showed up to check things out.
           As always, this is an exhaustingly enjoyable weekend of darts that I look forward to attending next year! See you there?                                           

November 2006


                                                  Lake Havasu Open 
                                                        Nov 3rd-5th 

  Once a year I get to go to a tournament that I LOVE's this one! Not only is it a short 2 1/2 hour drive, but I have the luxury of taking the "Carrigan Express" to get there. I simply arrive at Rose and Pat Carrigan's house, they drive me there, have my room reservation made and partner me for the's the greatest package deal I've ever gotten!
     The tournament was in full swing this year being back up to $10,000.00 in prize money
and, as usual was run beautifully by Jeanne Tank along with a helping hand from her crew and the Speers (Jack and Lee Ann) and the Carrigans (Pat and Rose).
     The tournament was complimented by a very cool classic car show on Saturday and a swap meet on Sunday...........but neither of these events could hold a candle to the annual Bar B Que down by Lake Havasu on Saturday night. This year Rose caught Pat BEFORE he could go off swimming-- alone -- at night -- in the Lake! Nothing like a nice, DRY, dinner after a long day of darts.
     Players in attendance came from Calif, Nevada, as well as Arizona for a great time...and YES, a great time was had by all. I wish every tournament I attended was this fun and convenient to attend!!

To view all pictures from this HERE

                                           New Mexico Open                                    

  Even though I hate playing in the altitude, I can honestly say this is still one of my favorite tournaments. This year, as always, we held our 2-IV Regional for the Cricket Nationals. We decided to combine all our women and men in order to send the most people possible from our Region. There was a total of 21 people....Congratulations to Dieter Schutsch, Martin, and Dave Fatum who qualified.

   The tournament itself was a blast. It brings in some of the most fun personalities in our Region...such as Matt Griego, Anthony Miera, Pam Patton, Steve Hogan, MA Silva, Kathy Payanes, Leigh Humble, Pat and Lee Sneesby....I could go on and on. The level of competition is tough! The likes of Steve Brown may just be your first round draw in this tournament.

   With the raffle, and lots of great friends, this was a fun one..BUT MORE IMPORTANT....
it is my last tournament of the year! Now I am off  to relax and explore Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Check back for more on this trip and others.........

December 2006