January 2007

                                           RAE CHESNEY PENNSYLVANIA OPEN

      Happy New Year and time to see everyone for the first time in 2007. This is only one of the reasons I love this tournament. Additionally, there's a great singles 'Pro-Shoot" with a $1,000.00 first place pay out to start things off on the Friday night. At this tournament, all the pay outs are great, the staff does a super job of running the tournament, and there are NFL Wild Card play off games on TV. Usually, the Philadelphia Eagles are in them so it makes for an exciting atmosphere.

     This year something happened to me that has never happened before so I'd like to share it with you. It happened in the Ladies 501 Singles final. Marcia Loche and I were to play   After the first game was over and we were almost at the end of the second game, there was a shocking discovery made. Apparently the board had been rotated (NOT BY ME!) but the numbers wire hadn't been adjusted. So, with 79 left I threw a 19 and suddenly noticed that it was an 11 according to the numbers wire! As I brought this to the attention of all in attendance we all got a got chuckle out of it. Then came all the hypotheticals....did Marcia's finish in the first game really equal what she had left?? Was my 180 in the second game really a 180 or 3 triple 13's which would equal 117!! We all had a good laugh at the situation.......

     So the tournament was a success...tell me any other tournament that brings in 350 people to the Friday night blind draw-- and I want to offer a special 'Congradulations' to Ray Carver and Marcia Loche for winning the MVP awards this year. Off to Long Island next weekend.......stay tuned for more info.



                                             NEW YORK / NEW JERSEY OPEN

       I've only been to Long Island once before and it was nice so I grabbed a cheap airfare-thanks to Southwest Airlines- and attended again this year. As all of the LB Enterprises are, this one was well run and everyone finished by around midnight- unless you were in the poker game, that is. (Just a fun game---no money involved!) Quite a feat considering the player attendance. There are sure a lot of players I've never met before in this area. A huge turnout from New Jersey too. (And I learned some of the differences between New Yorkers and people from New Jersey but I'll let everyone out there make there own discoveries and draw their own conclusions. They sound the same-to me, but there are definitely differences!)

  This weekend I had the privilege of partnering Nikki Passenti in the ladies doubles for the first time. Another first for me was partnering Buddy Bartoletta in the Open Doubles. Both were wonderful experiences I hope to be able to repeat.

   I plan to attend again if Southwest airlines will financially allow me to. I will hope for a fare sale soon.........
....and YOU may want to check them out at www.Southwest.com . (They fly right into Long Island MacArthur Airport.) And there's no a fee to change a ticket as long as you use it towards ANY other flight within a year. Can't beat that!


                                                       LAS VEGAS OPEN

     One of the few tournaments I have little trouble attending. This year saw a new venue....the Tuscany Hotel and Casino. Although a small casino by Las Vegas standards, it looks to be a lovely new 'home' to the LV Open. Centrally located near the 'Strip' and with lots of parking, the LV Open successfully continued on in 2007. Well run by Della Fleetwood and her staff, there were over 200 entries in the Mens' singles and over 70 women in both ladies' singles events. A great turn out as always!

  For me, this tournament brings in most all the players with whom I learned to play darts with from California, a special treat for me here in Vegas now. I love seeing everyone, but VIVA LAS VEGAS!!!!

    The ADO Cricket Nationals were also held in conjunction with the tournament. Congratulations to Gary Mawson and Marilyn Popp for winning the Cricket National titles. ( That's about all I can tell you about the Cricket Nationals as I arrived as the finals were concluding.)

   I am hoping the tournament will be held at the Tuscany again next year....the room is great for darts....not so great for wheelchair races, though! See you all then..........

February 2007

                                               CAPITAL CITY DART CLASSIC

     Ahhhhhhhhhhhh........Austin, Texas.....Longhorn Country. Unfortunately I don't get to attend these tournaments often enough. I can never get enough of the "Texas Friendly Southern Hospitality". This tournament is special....not only because Elaine Bohls and the entire staff do a great job of running the tournament, but this year I had the pleasure of partnering Mike Novac (Austin) in the Mixed Doubles and Mike and Joe Hagin (Atlanta) in the triples.What a couple of great guys...thanks, Eileen, for setting us up.

    Austin is recovering nicely from a bit of a 'dry spell' in their offering of big money steel tip dart tournaments, but they are doing well with 3 tournaments scheduled this year....two offering total prize money of $10,000.00 + (Feb. and June) and one offering $8,000.00 + (Oct.). Plans are in the works already to grow from this point in 2008!!! And the best part of all....Make A Wish is the charity that benefits from this Association. Always a welcome bonus!

   And what can I say about Scott Harrison? What a terrific guy! He donated one of his patented NUVOLUX dart board illuminators to be used at my charity fundraiser in July. What a guy! I hope everyone comes out to check this out...you will get absolutely NO SHADOWS whatsoever using this product. To check it out go to www.nuvolux.com or contact Scott directly at www.scottharrison@nuvolux.com .

   Oh.....and a SPECIAL THANKS to everyone who attended and DIDN'T spend all day out on the patio smoking!    (C'mon, I'm joking! You had to be there to appreciate that one!) See y'all at the next one!

                                                  HOUSTON BLUEBONNET OPEN

    Clearly this is one of my favorite tournaments. The people, venue, and payouts are all great! The tournament staff, lead by Ralph Schomburg, does a super job at running a very prompt and efficient tournament. The rooms at the Sheraton, Brookhollow have recently been remodeled and the beds are more comfortable than ever. A real plus after 12-14 hours on your feet!

    This year there were lots of new faces present contributing to a very healthy overall turnout.Even the likes of Gary Mawson and Isen Veljic were there.

  Thanks to Ralph, my weekend in Houston begins with Chinese food for lunch on Friday and concludes with a Bar B Que dinner on Sunday evening with lots and lots of darts in between. Southern hospitality doesn't get any better than this! Rick's Darts and Things are always set up in the dart hall to accomodate eeveryone's darting needs. I always have a great time at this tournament and will definitely be back to the Houston Open at the same venue July 20-22. (Thanks to Southwest Airlines, I already have my round trip, non-stop ticket for less than $200.00 to attend it! It really pays to keep an eye on Southwest's air fare sales!)

   ........and one last 'word to the wise'.....be sure to bring a mirror or have friends present at this tournament.
Just ask Janice Mansfield of the tournament staff about this!

                                                YOUNGSTOWN CHARITY SHOOT REVIEW

    This is a tournament where everybody wins in that it benefits the 'Angel For Animals' charity. I attend this tournament every year to support them and play with the animals as well as play darts. This year was a real treat; two ponies were brought down! They were absolutely adorable! Even Gary Mawson couldn't resist them. (I could tell by the big ball of white horse hair that stuck to his rear end! He was in all black that day-
that's why I noticed it!)

    Whenever I attend this tournament it is actually my "annual ladies weekend out" with Jennifer and 'MA' Ehlert of Cleveland. Making money is last on my priority list in Youngstown. Even winning most every event doesn't make me money but I get the satisfaction of supporting their charity efforts by buying an 'Angels For Animals' T shirt and putting money into Blake's (the 7 year old black pony) saddlebag. He really was darling!

    Money and time are not priorities in Youngstown so if you do attend, plan to stay until Monday. Money aside, this tournament still maintains a good following, including locals like Gary Mawson and Bruce 'Bruce-ski" Cotrell, as well as out of towners such as Darin Young of Penn., Nicky Passenti of Long Island, NY, and, of course, myself from Sin City! I already have plans to return next year....I hope they bring Blake back again!

March 2007

                                                  NORTH TEXAS SHOOT OUT REVIEW

     Texas Friendly happened again in Dallas this year at the North Texas Shoot Out. Thanks to Frank Moore and his all volunteer staff the tournament was, once again, a huge success!

     This year saw new venue at the Clarion DFW Airport South....much closer to the airport than the old venue at the La Quinta! A definite plus.

     A different and wonderful experience for me this year...I went to this tournament without a ladies doubles partner and, thanks to Davis Snider, was fortunate enough to get set up with two wonderful and very talented players for the events. On Saturday, I partnered Rosa Robertson in the Cricket doubles and I played with Mindy McKinley in the 501 doubles on Sunday. Not only did I have a great time winning money in these events, I made a couple of new friends! It was a pleasant experience to actually be supported by the locals watching the matches while playing this year!

     An added plus this year is the announcement of yet another tournament in Dallas in Nov. thanks to the efforts of the tournament staff. Check you ADO calendar for details. I know I'll be there!

                                                  INDIANAPOLIS ST. PAT'S OPEN REVIEW

    Off to Indy-Home of the NFL Champions -THE COLTS!  There was blue everywhere....blue horseshoes painted on buildings and 'Manning' jerseys aplenty! However this weekend dart players from both coasts came in for the annual St. Pat's Open tournament. Some of the men were there primarily to earn the coveted "Halex Ranking Points" needed to ensure their participation in the Las Vegas Desert Classic this July. In addition to regulars Johnny K, Ray Carver, Isen Veljic and Gary Mawson, some 'old timers' , such as Tim Nicoll, Bill Nicoll Jr, and Larry Butler were also in attendance.

    As usual, Dave, Gar, Linda, and the other Dave ran things well with the help of the Board members...too many to name individually, but a special THANKS to Shawn for the Colts' shirt-you rock, Girlfriend! There was also the annual Adult/Youth shoot on Sunday morning...always fun and always a success!

    The singing group "The Gals" i.e. Linda Anglin and Kelley Gallagher, were present in all their splendor and glory but I never got a song!  (Probably the result of everyone having to go outside to smoke.) Hopefully, I'll get a song next time....they do a great version of "When will I be Loved". Maybe we'll all be treated to a concert in Chicago in Sept?  I can only hope.............RESULTS

                                                   WHITE MOUNTAIN SHOOTOUT-

    About every decade or so the beautiful scenery of the White Mountains takes me out to New Hampshire. This year Laurett Meddis and I made the trek up to the Town and Country Inn to play darts.

    This tournament offers lots of darts-including consolation events in every singles event played. Attendance soars as the numbers went over 260 entrants to the Friday night blind draw alone. Additionally, each year White Mountain promotes a darter who represents their dart community in a congenial manner. This year's recipient was "Today's Tom Sawyer"-and YES, that's his real name! Tom's face was printed on mini one dollar bills that were given to scorekeepers for their efforts. These dollars could then be redeemed for a real dollar or donated to a fundraiser-what a great idea! Congratulations, Tom!

                                                      DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN?

                                                      "TODAY'S TOM SAWYER"
                                       ALWAYS GIVING THE BEST BANG FOR A BUCK!

Oh....and I can't forget to congratulate "Bum" on winning the Pajama Contest on Saturday night. He really looked sweet in the ladies black lace nighty! Lots of fun, terrific people and some of the most beautiful scenery in the country.......how great is that?!

                                                  VIRGINIA BEACH CLASSIC REVIEW

     I must admit.........there is rarely anything negative to say about the Virginia Beach Tournaments or the staff. This year is no exception. Thanks to Chris and Linda Bender, Cecil, Paula, Laurie, Mike..etc..etc... certainly too many too mention all by name but they know who they are - the tournament was a great success! With more than 260 entrants - including me - in the Friday night luck of the draw, the weekend was filled with big numbers of entrants in every event. With $800.00 at stake for the Women's Cricket Singles champion and a whopping $2,000.00 up for grabs for the Men's Cricket Singles champion everyone brought their "A Game" to Va. Bch.

    By allowing pre-registration for all the events, attendees can save a few bucks and enter every event by just sending in a check early-then just sign up for each event at the tournament without having to pay at the site.....definitely a plus!

    Held in a new hotel, we were away from a lot of the 'tourist stuff' we enjoyed at the last location, but this Ramada Plaza had great rooms with terrific views of the East Coast. Having grown up in Southern California and living at the beach for most of my adult life, I really miss the ocean and enjoyed listening to the waves roll in while falling asleep ........sooooooooooo cool.

    Last but not least, the youth adult program was in full swing again. Events such as an adult/youth shoot, youth age group singles and a youth blind draw were a huge success...a great job by all!  WELL DONE!

April 2007
                                                   CHARLOTTE OPEN REVIEW

     This year's Charlotte Open saw huge numbers...mainly due to the fact that the World Masters' National Finals was held there. There were 74 competitors in the Nationals alone. In fact, there were so many men in attendance (47), they required 5 groups in which to play the preliminary round robins! A group of 'Jokers' were added to the mix this year. Consequently, 10 men advance to the final round robin with 4 advancing to comprise this year's World Cup team. The Friday was a long day of darts, indeed. At the end of the day, a "Congratulations' goes to Marilyn Popp and me along with Steve Brown, Jerry Van Loan, Todd Bunch and Joe Chaney for making the team. Alternates are Lisa Weiler and Scott Wallaston. I'll let you know how it goes....

     After this marathon was over the tournament started at a new venue.....a Ramada near the airport. It was actually a very interesting location. The local business establishments offered quite a unique variety of entertainment for the 'gentlemen' who attended. Wonder what is was? Hint: You had to be 21 to enter the establishment(s) and there was a great big bouncer at the door. Enough said......

    Due to the great turnout, the tournament ran way behind schedule. This was partly due to the shear numbers in each event and, partly, due to too few staff members running the show. I think they'll be more prepared next year.

     And I want to make a special mention to Greg S...my 'Good Luck Charm' for hanging in there with me and going the distance in supporting me. And I hope he enjoys the darts from Atlanta Darts. He'll know....

                                                   NDA TEAM DART REVIEW

  What's not to like about a tournament held right here in Las Vegas? I have the best accommodations, know the best places to eat and have 'connections' to get whatever I want! Additionally, I get to see many people I only get to see at this tournament. For instance...."Tiny" from Germany....she gets here once a year, and this is it!

    This is actually a huge week long 'darting party'. With the NDA hosting not one, but TWO parties for their players, there is certainly a lot of happy faces to be seen at the Riviera! Kicking off on Friday, April 27th, the tournament starts off with the usual registration opportunities and numerous blind draws to accommodate the players who just can't get enough darts! After the Saturday and Sunday singles and doubles events, players are more than ready for the Monday night Players' Party that featured live music by "Grooveline". There has never been a shortage of people to attend this! And, on the Thurs, night, be prepared for another party featuring "Two Hours Of Free Beer". And that is not a group, it is a 'perk' offered by the NDA for ALL players.

    Finally, a special 'Congratulations' to the Mens' and Ladies' Team USA who BOTH captured the titles in the International Challenge. Well Done!
For a more in depth write up, and photos, go to Articles Page

May 2007
                                                   U.S. OPEN 2007

    Last year it was called the World Series of Darts. This year it is called the U.S. Open. A Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) tournament by any other name would still be tough competition. I just call it the Conn/Mohegan Sun tournament.

    Here, in attendance, is truly the 'cream of the crop' ; 'the best of the best' and a couple hundred talented North Americans looking to make a name for themselves. And, yes, I include myself in this group.

    This year, with the support of Halex darts and Bulls Eye News/Marketing, I was entered into the tournament ...opting to skip the Friday Night Madness (FNM) qualifier. This assured me some very tough competition. That's what I wanted and that's what I got in the form of Kevin 'the Artist' Painter, currently # 16 in the world. To go head to head with such a competitor was a welcome challenge for me. And playing him on stage on live TV in England was a bonus.

     North America certainly made a statement here......to read the full article written for 'New Darts Life' , a Japanese Publication, simply CLICK HERE...click on photo below to see photo album!

                                                   BULLSHOOTER XXII REVIEW

        Off to Chicago for the annual electronic darts marathon. For any player who feels there isn't enough darts in a weekend, you should check out this tournament. Thursday night kicks off with the 4-person Monsters of the Midway event. Friday hosts the 'Top Gun' Singles and Triples events. Then, on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, Pro-Am and A & B events are run all day long. With mini blind draws constantly being run in between events, there is 'darts-a-plenty' for everyone this weekend!

       Not to be omitted is a 'Dynamite' party blasting away on Saturday night. I think it's nearly impossible to go to this tournament and not have a good time.

       Additionally, Bullshooter brings in a huge variety of International players from all over Europe. The people in attendance make this Memorial Day weekend a very memorable one indeed.

       Thanks to all who run the tournament as well as all who attend. Next year, we'll do it all again.

       And a special CONGRATULATIONS to Paula Murphy on capturing her first MVP title. Well done, Paula. You deserve it!!

July 2007

                                                   THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE

    This year marks the 10th Annual 'Score For Charity'  Challenge of Champions fundraiser to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation, Southern Nevada. Each year I spend about 11 months preparing for it and then take a month off to recover. I've just started planning and preparing for 2008!

   Here's a recap of what took place..

    As always, Joe "the Wiz" McElligott generously put in a donation of $3,000.00 to get things started. Not only did Joe do this again this year, but he actually took 2 1/2 days out of his family vacation in Florida to jet in and out of Vegas for the Cause. The challenge pit McElligott and two time World Champion John 'Darth Maple' Part against Paul 'Singapore Slinger' Lim and Stacy 'The Wishgranter' Bromberg in a best of 11 game -all 301- challenge to benefit the children. The winners are always the children, but this year Lim and Bromberg won the coveted 'bragging rights' by a victory of 6-4. This score, however, doesn't reflect how well McElligott played or that Lim rarely missed a start.  Bromberg did her best to keep up and Part cruised along-confident as always.
     Our goal this year was to raise $7500.00 so we could reach the 10 year total of $100,000.00. Reaching a night's total of $5,342.00 we are still hoping to reach our goal this year. It is never too late to make a contribution. Donations may be sent to:
                                             Make A Wish, Southern Nevada
                                             3885 South Decatur Blvd. Ste. 1000
                                             Las Vegas, Nevada 89103
                                             Attn: Lisa Ramos
              Be sure to mark your donation "Darts Donation" so it will be added to our total.

      With a record turnout of 50 people entering the blind draw, the evening was a huge success. My thanks goes out to everyone who attended, participated, or donated...YOU REALLY ARE THE BEST! Specifically, I feel compelled to mention Joe McElligott, Dan O'Leary & Dr. Weld of the RAMBUS Group, Southern Nevada Darts Association www.sndadarts.com  , Pat and Rose Carrigan, Carl Amante-owner of CDs Lounge, Deb Martin, the bar staff-Caleb and Susan, my web person- Cheryl, Karen at New York/New York Hotel and Casino, Teresa at Las Vegas Limo, Halex Darts, Laser Darts, and Bulls Eye News  www.BullsEyeNews.com , Dart Stop Backboards www.dart-stopbackboards.com  and Scott Harrison of Circumilluminator Dart Lights www.nuvolux.com . and last, but certainly not least, Dave Allen of the PDC. Everyone's generosity exceeded all expectations AGAIN! I know I couldn't have done it without YOU!
                                                       THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!

                                                   DESERT CLASSIC IV

     I love it when everyone who's anyone in darts comes to Las Vegas. This is what the PDC has done for me every summer since 2002.  This year was no different in attendance, however, this year we realize the loss of the Ladies Singles as well as both Men's and Women's Cricket Singles. These events will be sorely missed by me...especially since I've won the Ladies' Singles Cricket 5 out of 5 times it was held! Still successful, though, was the tournament as well as my 10th Annual Score For Charity Fundraiser to benefit the Make A wish Foundation, Southern Nevada.  For photos, click pictures below, Full Article CLICK HERE

                                                    OLD PUEBLO CLASSIC REVIEW

     Every year I travel from the Nevada desert to the Arizona desert to attend this tournament in Tucson. Since our Regional is held there I get to see lots of friendly faces. This combination makes for a great weekend of darts with people I only get to see a few times a year. This year we had the bonus of a quarter poker game going all day on Saturday....DEAL 'EM!
      Special congratulations to David Fatum, De Richardson and me for qualifying for the America's Cup Nationals to be played in Denver in Sept.

                                                    HOUSTON OPEN REVIEW

           There is something to be said for 'tradition'. Tournament Director Ralph Schomburg and I have a well established routine that has become 'tradition' twice a year. It includes, but is not limited to, a Chinese buffet, chocolate from all over the world, and Bar B Q at Papa's. Oh.....and in between all this is a great tournament at the Sheraton Brookhollow Hotel in Houston. The hotel staff there is almost as great as the tournament staff at this event. Always a pleasure. And the beds.....heaven!

        In addition to big names such as Darin Young, Ray Carver, and Johnny K, this year a 'new face' emerged in Houston to join in the festivities. Jennifer Benatazzo made her presence known to all in attendance....yes, she brought along her 'reptile pants'. Always an 'attention getter'
Jennifer B. says she loves Houston and plans to be back. I'm not surprised....I have been attending tournaments in Houston for well over a decade and must admit...Texas knows darts! The growth in this particular part of the country in the darting area has been phenomenal in the past several years. In fact, yet another tournament has 'popped up' in Texas. It will be held the first weekend in Dec. at the Black Gold Bar in Ft. Worth. Looks to be another great dart weekend in Texas...I plan to be there!

August 2007
                                                    USA DART CLASSIC

     The USA Dart Classic is always a treat to attend since it hosts the Annual ADO East/West Dart Challenge. This competition puts America's 'best' against the 'best'. This year the East men won, the West women won, but when the scores were combined, the East triumphed over the West once again. Word has it the genders will be separated next year to ensure more fairness when progressing individuals into the 'knock out' bracket. I hope so....and maybe--just maybe--the ADO will start seeding players according to how they played in the round robin into the final, single elimination bracket. All the players seem to want this and it would be the logical and most fair way to run this competition......we can only hope. Congratulations to Chris Helms of Texas and Las Vegas' Stacy Bromberg-this year's ADO 501 National Champions!

    A shadow befell the tournament this year when it was announced that Johnny 'K' Kuczynski would not be attending. Having just returned from a soft tip exhibition in Japan, Johnny had a terrible headache and his blood pressure went through the roof. After going to the hospital, he was diagnosed with viral meningitis, a very serious condition. As of last word, he was able to go home and is taking medication for the condition. We're all hoping for a speedy and full recovery for Johnny.

    On a positive note-this year's National Youth Champion was crowned-Congratulations to T.J. Jacques, the 16 year old who earned his way into the Winmau World Masters to be held in England in November.

   And, finally, I feel compelled to mention 14 year old dart phenom, Robert Ham III. This weekend was the first time I saw him play and I was absolutely, totally, impressed with this lad's talent. I do believe America has finally found its future World Champion. Watch out for this young man...he's an incredible talent! And, remember, you heard it here first!

                                                    MUSIC CITY REVIEW

    Off to the South once again......Nashville, Tennessee! Always a unique experience. Tournaments run in the South are different than I am used to. In the South, time is NEVER of the essence! Every event on Saturday started late, ran slooooowly, and it was always a challenge to get a scorekeeper. Apparently, it is the 'norm' to score your own matches while in the South. Not really my cup of tea, but when in Rome...

    Oh yeah.....and be certain to stay in the hall and listen to all announcements as players are only permitted to sign up for one event at a time. This is definitely unsatisfactory, especially for people like me who prefer to sign up for all the events at the start of the tournament to ensure I don't miss out on any event.

    This year I had the pleasure of partnering two new people....Jim Widmayer (along with Gary Mawson) in the Mixed Triples event, and Christina Medina of Dallas in the Ladies Doubles Events. All in all, thanks to the poker game run by Danny Baggish, no money, of course, it was another fun tournament in the South.

                                                    PEACHTREE OPEN REVIEW

     Back in the South - again! One thing you can always count on in the South in August, heat and humidity. I don't mind the heat...but the humidity is a killer!

     Since Bulls Eye News and Atlanta Darts took over this tournament,it was completely re-arranged and re-scheduled to play all 11 events, including two blind draws in just 1 1/2 days. To say it was hectic would be an understatement.

     But holding a PDC event here did bring in a lot of big names from across the pond. Among those in attendance were, by nicknames, my personal favorites Darth Maple, Big Daddy, and the Rocket as well as the rest of the field, Razor, Jaws, Tri Pod, Ice Man, One Dart, Artist, Heat, and 'Av It to name a few.

     I was pleased to see 16 year old TJ Jacques and 14 year old Robert Hamm III there too. TJ is our Youth Champion who will be representing America at the Winmau World Masters in Nov. and Robert is the youth I'd put money on the represent us in the future. Within these two young men lies hope for an American champion in the future. Watch 'em!

                                                    SPACE COAST REVIEW

  Two weeks ago, I was in Nashville. Last week, it was Atlanta. This week I am in Melbourne, Florida. Seems I'm spending way too much time in the South! This weekend is the one time a year I voluntarily go to Florida. The trophies that are given out to the Singles Events Winners are absolutely fantastic!! They are porcelain replicas of the space shuttle. Very cool, indeed!

   This year, on Saturday morning, I was lucky enough to watch the finals of the adult/youth event and was treated to watching Steve Hill and his darling 4 year old son, Lee, win this event. This lad has been playing darts since he was (and still is) a tot...and he is good! I was especially impressed when Lee turned to the applauding audience and gave a wave after the win! When I asked him if he's partner me sometime he smiled at me, said, "Sure!" and grinned as he took my business card....and a little piece of my heart! He's such a doll! Along with TJ Jacques, Bobby Ham, and Kelly and Mark Meres daughter, we have a wave of young talent about to wash over the US darts scene. In fact, I plan to write an article about them later this year, so keep an eye out for it......until then, keep throwing!

September 2007           
                                             WINDY CITY OPEN

     Off to the 'Windy City". As always, this is a 'biggie' on the tournament circuit for both the ADO and the PDC. I am still 'plugging away' at the PDC trying to make an impact. This weekend I finally got my chance. Lucky for me, two people didn't show up on my board making my trip to winning the Board and placing me in the Top 16 finishers much easier. But I can honestly say it was still not 'easy'. With players like Canada's Dan Olsen, former world champion, Larry Butler, and British transplant, Tony Booth on my board, there were definitely some good darts thrown. Once again, my streak ended when I met 'Rocket' Ronnie Baxter...
who, handily, white-washed me. Some day, I'm going to beat you, Ronnie......

      The Windy City Open was, as always, a loooong, fun tournament held at a new venue--
--A Holiday Inn--without mold growing on the room ceilings and with elevators that work! Very refreshing! From the Pro-Am shoot on Friday night until the end of the PDC event on Sunday afternoon, there was more than enough darts for everyone....now all we need is a bit more time!

                                             DENVER REVIEW

      The 'Rocky Mountain' state......also 'Mile High'........what can I say about this location? The good part is that the airfare was cheap and it is a relatively short flight for me. And I like the fact that there is only a 1 hour time change. The negatives are that it is the home of the Broncos - arch enemy of my Raiders - and the altitude totally messes up my darts! This year, I assembled another set of darts to use in Denver. From the dart store in Denver, I borrowed a set of 27 gram GOLD widows (front loaded), from Marilyn Popp, I borrowed a set of RED extra long nylon shafts, and I used a set of Matt Malone's BLACK standard flights, and proceeded to play. You can be sure....this was one ugly set of darts! It was certainly an interesting experience. I think I'll avoid the altitude in the future!

       The turn out was big since it was the location of the Nationals. Next year, however, the Nationals will be held in Austin, Texas so I plan to use my own darts and just enjoy the weekend. See you there........

October 2007
Oct 8-15               WORLD CUP                                                The Hague, Holland

                                              LONDON BRIDGE OPEN

   Absolutely one of my favorite tournaments to attend. Only a short 2 1/2 hour drive, depending on how you drive, of course, this is the best tournament outside of the Vegas tournaments for players in the desert area!

   With good payouts, a great staff, raffle prizes and 50/50 drawings this tournament offers something for everyone. After the long day of darts on the Sat, everyone gathers down by the Lake for a Bar B Q. This year the wind whipped up around 9:00 PM making it an early evening for everyone.

    As usual my partner, Rosie and I had a great time, however, next year I will be sure to set up with TWO dependable people for the triples event. If you were at this tournament, you'll know what I mean.

    I am already looking forward to next year's tournament where I am hoping to hold our Cricket Regional so clear your calendars and plan to be there!
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November 2007

                                                             DFW METROPLEX OPEN REVIEW

      Back to Dallas once again. I love Texas...they have built up their darts participation better than any other area in the recent years. I caught an early flight into Dallas in hopes of getting 'bumped' for a free flight but no such luck this time. Since I was early and since my Region was not holding a Ladies Regional, I made a few calls upon arriving to see if I may compete in the Dallas Regional. Unfortunately I arrived a bit late....seems the turn out for the Regional was HUGE! They had about 30 women and about 35 men!! These numbers stagger me as we have difficulty getting more than 5 women to show up at any given Regional. I can only hope things change in my Region.

       I am happy to say I will be going back to Dallas in Dec. for one last tournament this year. I'm sure the turnout for it will be great.

                                                             WORLD MASTERS 2007

     Off again to Bridlington, where the 2008 World Masters will be held at Leisure World once again while The Spa is being renovated.

     After the 15 hours spent getting to London’s Heathrow airport from Las Vegas, I met up with my American teammates to take the 5 hour long drive in the coach.  Amazing what some people, such as myself, will do to attend a World Masters.

     Arriving at the Edelweiss Bed and Breakfast, owners Gary and Ann greeted us as if we were family. Since there was 16 people in our group this year, everyone split up and dashed off in different directions to explore the area, find the venue, get a bite to eat, or, as I choose to do, just have a drink and relax.  Full Article CLICK HERE

December 2007
                                                              DALLAS HOLIDAY CLASSIC REVIEW

      DALLAS---I LOVE that town! Talk about darts....there is so much darting going on that players in the DFW area may actually take their pick of dart event/tournament/draws just about every night of the week. And the people there cannot be beat. I 'hung out' with Leane and Suzie Q. and had the absolute delight of being their guest and experiencing some real Southern Hospitality.To top things off, we were able to swing by Shuckers' Bar and celebrate Mindy's 30th birthday! If things go as planned, I am hoping to play some darts at Shuckers' in Feb/March around the time of the No. Texas Shootout. Maybe conduct a darts clinic for the ladies in the area. Keep checking this web site for details.

    In the meantime...Happy Holidays to all. Hope your 2008 is a Happy and Healthy one!


January 2008
January 11-13     Rae Chesney Shoot                                      Phil, Penn
January 25-27     Las Vegas Open                                           Las Vegas, Nev

February 2008
February 15-17     Camilla Classic                                            Sacramento, Cal.
February 22-24     Houston Open                                              Houston, Texas

Feb 29- Mar 2        No. Texas Shootout                                    Dallas, Texas

March 2008
March 15-17          Early Bird Classic                                        Biloxi, Ms. -
                     or - St. Pat's Open                                             Indy.  (tentatively)    
March 21-23          Virginia Beach Classic                               Virginia Beach, Va.

April 2008
April 18-21            Charlotte Open                                           Charlotte, No. Carolina

May 2008
May 16-18             U.S. Open-Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino    Connecticut
May 23-26             Bullshooter - Soft Tip Championships             Chicago, Ill.

June 2008
June-July              Desert Classic                                             Las Vegas Nevada

July 2008
July  18-20      Old Pueblo Classic in Tucson, Arizona

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