Thank you (2007)

Greetings All-

   There are not enough wonderful things I can say to everyone for your support and participation in the 9th Annual "Score for Charity" fundraiser. As always, all proceeds go to the Make A Wish Foundation, Southern Nevada. It's a great charity we have all been supporting for years. As close as I can figure (without having the 'official' numbers for this year) we, the dart players, Professionals, promoters, and sponsors have raised a total of over $78,000.00 for the kids over the past nine years...almost $6,000.00 this year alone.
   Special thanks go to Carl -owner of CDs Lounge- as well as his staff- Deb, Susan and Caleb (Cable Guy!), the Southern Nevada Darts Assoc. (SNDA)- ESPECIALLY Pat and Rose Carrigan (who are absolutely indispensable!) , Cheryl Daughtrey, R & R Partners, Las Vegas Color, Brenda at Las Vegas Limo, Karen at the New York, New York Hotel and Casino, Rob at Dart-Stop Back Boards, Mike at Dart Master, Terry and Mel at Laser Darts, Jay at Bulls Eye News, Jim at Atlanta Darts, Kevin at Kevin's Creations and everyone else who has traveled the 'high road' with me for years enabling our efforts to become a reality.
   As usual, our MAIN BENEFACTOR, Joe 'the Wiz' McElligott started off the festivities with a great doubles match-- as well as a healthy $3,000.00 donation to Make A Wish! He and partner, 2 time World Champion John 'Darth Maple' Part were to play against Paul 'Singapore Slinger' Lim and Stacy 'the Wishgranter' Bromberg in a best of 11 leg match of 301. Joe and John decided early on they 'had somewhere else they had to be' spending very little time dispensing Lim and Bromberg...allowing them only 2 legs! John rarely missed a start and he and Joe teamed up to end each game swiftly. Lim and Bromberg found no rhythm to their game as 'double trouble' turned out to be their downfall. So now, Joe and John have bragging rights-UNTIL NEXT YEAR- when a re-match, i.e., tie-breaking match will again take place --
all for the kids! Plan to be there!
   Next up that evening was a re-match of the well-known Johnny K. Vs. John Part match played in Conn. at the World Series of Darts. Due to time constraints, the re-match was only best of 5 as opposed to best of 11 as was in the World Series, but the fans loved watching the 'Top Guys' play for the kids. People showed their support by 'betting' on their personal favorite competitor in the form of a donation to Make A Wish. Although Johnny K. won in Conn. (making him the only American to progress past the first round), tonight it was John Part who came out on top with a score of 3-0.    
     Then, dart pros, Johnny K, Ray Carver, Laser Darts' Brad Wethington, and Isen "Velcro" Veljic all donated their time and skills taking challenges and allowing those in attendance the opportunity to play with and/or against the Pros-all for a small donation to Make A Wish.
    The Blind Draw continued throughout the evening.....raffle prizes flew out to those who chose to buy tickets......and everyone had a great time for a great cause.
    I could go on and on but will stop here and sum things up with a simple
                                    THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
See you next year-------
Stacy 'the Wishgranter' Bromberg

CLICK HERE to view 2009's Make A Wish Flyer

    Hard to believe this was the 11th Annual Score For Charity Champion’s Challenge to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation of Southern Nevada. Nevertheless, it was. How time flies! And with the passing of time we, the dart players of the World, have raised, to date, about $102,500.00 for Children With Life Threatening Illnesses and their families. That is the way Make A Wish works. Not only do they grant a child’s wish, they include the family and caregivers in the wish too. How great is it when the entire family is addressed as a unit. That is from where so much of our strength comes…family, friends, and the people we love.
     Everyone reading this note has played a special part in helping me raise money and awareness for the kids…and I THANK YOU ONE AND ALL. The task is not yet complete, though. There are always more children out there, each with a heart-wrenching story to tell. I know we can’t solve all the problems or cure all the ills but we are, indeed, making a difference!
     Unfortunately, our main benefactor, Joe McElligott, was unable to attend this year due to personal reasons and his presence was sorely missed. While still donating money to the cause, it just wasn’t the same without our ‘Champion’s Challenge’, with John Part joining McElligott in a ‘bragging rights’ match against Paul Lim and, myself. Hopefully, next year will see the ‘showdown’ once again take place at the ever famous Las Vegas Dart Bar, CDs Lounge. A Special Thanks goes to everyone at CDs, especially Carl Amante-my business partner- Pat and Rose Carrigan, the entire Southern Nevada Darts Association, David Flowers, Cheryl Daughtrey, Laserdarts, Dart Stop Backboards, Bulls Eye News, Halex Darts and everyone else who donated or participated in our undertaking. All of YOU are truly the ones making a huge difference in the childrens’ lives.
It is never too late to make a donation. If you are so inclined, donations may be sent to:
                        Make A Wish Foundation, Southern Nevada
                                3885 S. Decatur Blvd. Suite 1000
                                    Las Vegas, Nevada 89103
Be sure to mark your donations with the note ‘Dart Donations’ so we will be able to keep an accurate count.  Again, thank you all, and God Bless.