This year as last year, Stacy Bromberg and Paul Lim were invited to participate in a darts exhibition as part of 'Game Night' for a Private Corporate Event
The festivities were held at beautiful Pebble Beach Country Club in Monterey, California. The event was produced and promoted by Paul Arena of Arena Group.....

   Along with Stacy and Paul, Jeanette Lee, World Billiards Champion, Phil Schlaefer, World Foosball Champion, and several professional Texas Hold 'Em dealers took the reigns to ride the night into a great evening of fun and entertainment for all.

  Thanks to the efforts of Dawn Anderson of Arena Group. Jay Tomlinson of Bulls Eye Marketing Inc., and Jim Boan of Atlanta Darts, custom made tungsten darts with the corporate  logo were made available to all those in attendance. Definitely a darts collector item!

  I am already looking forward to next year's event as I don't have the words to express how really wonderful the entire night was! I even learned of a new place to scuba dive, a place called Silver Bank, north of the Dominican Republic. Plans for my visit there in March 2008 are already in the works!

  In the meantime, I hope these photos will be enjoyed by all who choose to view them.....

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Fort Worth TX
7916 Camp Bowie Blvd

CLICK HERE   for flyer                                                                                                  

Monday, May 19th    7-10pm
Ladies DARTS Clinic
Men welcome too!
TENTATIVE SCHEDULE                                                                                  Instruction and strategy clinic 7-8pm                                                             Challenge matches straight up and/or handicap 8-10pm                    

Early in October 2006      Pebble Beach Golf and Country Club
                                      Monterey CA
                                      Stacy and Paul Lim

Paul Lim giving Jeanette Lee some dart tips

Paul Lim and Jeanette Lee

Jeanette Lee giving some billiards tips to the Texas Hold Em' dealers
From left to right- Paul Lim, Stacy, Jeanette Lee and Phil Schlaefer
The dart room set up......
Phil Schlaefer and Paul Lim
And...Game On! for Jeanette and Phil against the Texas Hold 'Em dealers!     (my money is on Jeanette and Phil!)

From left to right.....Jeanette Lee, Stacy Bromberg, Paul Arena, and Paul Lim
Jeanette Lee and Stacy Bromberg